Armenian Cultural Week at the Caucasian House

The “Caucasian Peoples’ University”, a seminar of the Tbilisi Caucasian House which involves a diversity of young people from both North and South Caucasus, organized a cultural week dedicated to Armenia from March 22 to March 26, 2011.

The youth group of the Russian-speaking department, made up of students and young workers of 12 different Caucasian nationalities, was provided with film screenings and presentations from lecturers, as well as from students, on the Armenian history, culture and genocide. After each workshop, discussion among the audience was encouraged; Armenian and Azeri participants did not hesitate to express their respective views and feelings on the sensitive issue of High Karabakh. On Saturday, the group was taken on an excursion to the Tbilisi Armenian Pantheon and to Gary Davtyan’s House, the famous Armenian puppet theater of Tbilisi.

The “Caucasian Peoples’ University” of the Caucasian House is divided into 2 departments: the Russian-speaking department, for Pan-Caucasian youth, and the Georgian-speaking department, for Georgian youth. Both youth groups take part to similar monthly cultural seminars at the Caucasian House. The project started in January 2011 and is supposed to last 1 year. Each seminar aims to present a new country of Caucasus to the participants. Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia were the first countries to be introduced. The next country on the list for April 2011 is Chechnya.

Many thanks to Viktoria Maksoeva of the Caucasian House who invited me to take part to the seminar on a regular basis and kindly translates from the Russian language into English –

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I am an EVS volunteer working with minority youth in Tbilissi, Georgia, during 12 months. This blog aims at presenting Georgia's minority groups and their youth initiatives. The development of joint-action strategies is the work in process which we are conducting together. Let's see what will be achieved in 2011 !
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