Multinational Concert at the Caucasian House

On April 29, 2011, the Tbilisi Caucasian House organized an intercultural concert on the occasion of the graduation ceremony of participants to the seminar “Caucasian Peoples’ University” registered in the Georgian department. Some 20 young Georgians were thus awarded certificates to value their 2-year participation to the intercultural program whose goal was to deepen their understanding of a multifaceted Caucasus.

This event also marked the official kick-off of a second edition of the “Caucasian Peoples’ University”, this time organized by the Russian department and aimed at an international youth group.

A dozen of bands and dance troupes representing both North and South Caucasus – Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Chechnya, Ossetia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia, and Dagestan – performed a variety of national folk songs and dances. Between each performance, cultural information was provided to the audience, and participants to the on-going Russian session of the seminar recited poems in their own languages.

The intercultural concert was part of a one-day event aiming at presenting the project “Caucasian Peoples’ University” and its different initiatives. If bringing Caucasian peoples together is never an easy task, according to organizers of this program, this concert did give the illusion of the contrary.

Have a look at the picture gallery !

Above: Kurdish girl, Armenian girl and Balkarian boy

Above: Traditional Kurdish Dance

Above: Armenian girl dancing

Above: Armenian kids performing

Above: Georgian polyphonic singers

Above: Traditional Chechen folk music

Above: Azeri guitar solo

Above: Georgian girls’ choir

Many thanks to Viktoria Maksoeva who invited me to the event. Congratulations to all the participants of the seminar who successfully graduated, and to all the performers of the show which made it just great!


About Méline

I am an EVS volunteer working with minority youth in Tbilissi, Georgia, during 12 months. This blog aims at presenting Georgia's minority groups and their youth initiatives. The development of joint-action strategies is the work in process which we are conducting together. Let's see what will be achieved in 2011 !
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2 Responses to Multinational Concert at the Caucasian House

  1. BellaNashxo says:

    Meline in the first foto, there is the balkarian guy, not georgian)))

    And the Traditional Chechen folk music is Musical Ensemble “DaiMokhk” From Pankissi)))

  2. Méline says:

    Thank you Bella !

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