News from Tsinubani – Georgian-Armenian village in Samstkhe-Javakheti

On April 14, 2011, I visited for the first time the Georgian-Armenian village of Tsinubani, in the countryside near the city of Akhaltsikhe (see post published in April, “Celebrating « Georgian Language Day » in a Georgian-Armenian Village”). On May 25, 2011, I returned to the village with EVS volunteer Jana Kowalova and met with kids and teachers again.

There is no more snow on the roads leading to Tsinubani now, all trees, mountains and fields have gone green, and summer is almost in the air. The 3 pupils of the 12th class have already graduated and do not attend classes anymore. They are working hard on the preparation of the entrance exams to the university, which they are currently taking with one exam every day. We briefly saw them as they happened to visit the school at the lunch break, and they seemed quite confident about their performances and expected results.

On Wednesday, EVS volunteer Jana Kowalova organized activities for the 5th and 11th class – only 2 pupils make up the latter class… Jana’s idea, on that day, was to make the children work on intercultural differences. The exercise consisted in trying to re-organize a series of pictures according to the country where they were taken and the activity which they showed – which was not always easy for the pupils of the 5th class. Kids were then given time to comment on the differences and similarities between Georgia, Senegal, Mongolia and the Czech Republic. Interestingly enough, those countries sometimes seemed to be more similar than expected!

One of the two groups of the 5th class – trying to get pcitures organized…

Only 2 pupils in the 11th class – the job was quickly done !

Many thanks to Jana Kowalova and the school of Tsinubani –


About Méline

I am an EVS volunteer working with minority youth in Tbilissi, Georgia, during 12 months. This blog aims at presenting Georgia's minority groups and their youth initiatives. The development of joint-action strategies is the work in process which we are conducting together. Let's see what will be achieved in 2011 !
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