Kurdish Youth Union: Pilgrimage to Kurdistan

A bunch of members of the Union of Kurdish Youth of Georgia went on a pilgrimage to Kurdistan in April this year. On June 13, 2011, they organized a public presentation of their trip to Iraq and Turkey for their fellow participants to the Caucasian Peoples’ University at the Caucasian House.

From April 16 to 24, participants to the Kurdish language, history and Yezidi religion course organized by the Union of Kurdish Youth of Georgia took part, along with senior members of their community, to a pilgrimage to their main religious center located in the Iraqi Kurdistan: Lalish. During their stay there, they also crossed the border to visit Turkish Kurdistan.

This pilgrimage was organized on the occasion of ‘Sarsal’ or ‘Charshama Sarsale’, the Yezidi New Year. For all Kurds who took part to this trip, whether young or older, it was the first time they set foot in Kurdistan. Their visit was supported by the Yezidi clergy of Lalish which already looks forward to welcoming Yezidi Kurds from Georgia more often in the future.

On Monday, June 13, at the Caucasian House, the room was crowded with young participants to the Caucasian Peoples’ University, as well as with friends and guests who had all come to attend the Kurdish youth’s presentation of their experience.

Supported by photos, videos and music, their presentation provided space for discussion with the audience. All were curious to know more about Kurdistan, the feelings of young Georgian Kurds in the historical homeland, or the state of relations between Muslims and Yezidi in Iraqi Kurdistan. Provided answers were considered with great attention and interest, thus making the Kurdish youth’s initiative a successful attempt to reinforce intercultural dialogue.

Many many thanks to the Union of Kurdish Youth of Georgia for their presentation and pictures –

Further information can be found on the Union of Kurdish Youth of Georgia website: http://sarhad.ge/main.php?mode=3&cat=main&sub=2&lang=en


About Méline

I am an EVS volunteer working with minority youth in Tbilissi, Georgia, during 12 months. This blog aims at presenting Georgia's minority groups and their youth initiatives. The development of joint-action strategies is the work in process which we are conducting together. Let's see what will be achieved in 2011 !
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